After years of research, we harnessed the power of smart fabric technology to create a collection like no other.  Buki (boo-kee) is made with our proprietary Kinoki-3.0 fiber technology to keep you supremely comfortable and on the move:

  • Dynamic Stretch: No more saggy knees.
  • Anti-Pill: Say goodbye to fabric pills after multiple wears. 
  • Moisture-Management: Kinoki-3.0™ fabrics wick moisture from the body and spread it out over a large surface to help with evaporation. 
  • Thermoregulation: Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with fabrics that help maintain ideal body temperatures. 
  • Machine-Washable: All of our fabrics are machine washable. No more weekly dry-cleaning bills.

Created by design industry veteran Joey Rodolfo, our Seattle-based team leverages creative talent from the USA, smart fabric technology from Japan, and the most forward-thinking international mills skilled in knitting technical function into textiles. 



For journalists, bloggers, and media requesting interviews or more information, please contact press AT bukibrand DOT com .